photo credit : Fernando Etulain

Olivia Clergue was born in Arles, in Provence, into an artistic family. Her father, the photographer Lucien Clergue, and her godfather, Pablo Picasso, both gave her an eye for art and a taste for sculpture, which she later studied at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, the Fine Arts Academy in Paris. She then completed a training course in fashion design and pattern making at the ESMOD Fashion School in Paris.

The designer entered the world of fashion, drawing her inspiration from the models of Yves Saint Laurent, which her mother collects and wears since over 60 years, as well as from traditional women’s costumes in Arles. Their small handbags called “réticules” inspired her to design her mini leather buckets. From her training in sculpture, Olivia Clergue has developed an eye for volume and line, which she applies to her creations in pursuit of a balanced and pure design. 

Influenced by her Provençal roots, Olivia Clergue created a line of handbags in vegetable tanning leather with white stitching, inspired by the saddlery of Camargue. Color is also very present through her line of bags in Nappa and Caviar leather. Olivia Clergue began working into the art world before to design her first collection of accessories, creating her own brand name in 2008. The brand was initiated by the desire to offer glamorous, responsible and Made in France accessories.