Our bags and accessories are made with fine, high quality French and Italian leathers, from European food production animals that have been raised under strict welfare conditions. They are full grain leathers from tanneries that comply with strict standards regarding tanning and dyeing products, water consumption and waste water discharge, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

Vegetable-tanned leather

Vegetable tanning is made with organic materials and does not release any chemical substances. Only tannic acids found in the bark, branches, leaves and even fruit are used. Several stages of tanning are necessary so that the hides are impregnated with the tannic acids of the plants. It is a slow process, which requires the most beautiful skins and gives them incomparable suppleness, strength and longevity. The natural finish may leave small marks, as well as variations in color or texture, but these are part of the aesthetic qualities of this product and should not be considered defects. Firm and resistant, this leather has a very good hold and moisture absorption. The more you use your bag, the silkier and softer it becomes to the touch, until it acquires that unique and elegant patina that leather lovers appreciate.

The care of bags in vegetable tanning leather

In case of scratches, gently massage the leather with your finger or a soft, clean and dry cloth, making small circular movements, they will gradually melt into the leather. In case of contact with water, do not wipe the leather, dab it with a natural colored cloth to absorb the liquid. Grease stains can be cleaned with a specific product or crushed chalk. Spread the chalk powder and let it penetrate for 24 hours. You can also use a cloth lightly soaked in soapy water to clean the leather more deeply and evenly. Once the leather is dry, it can be nourished with a natural cream made from beeswax by massaging gently and evenly. Be sure to dry the applied product before polishing with a dry cloth.

Nappa leather

Nappa leather is a pigmented full-grain calf leather, characterized by its smooth and silky appearance and its suppleness. The natural quality of the hide is easily recognized by its lack of varnish or coated colors. The leather is mineral-tanned and dyed with an aniline dye according to strict European standards to guarantee respect for the environment. It has received a treatment against stain and rain and does not require any particular maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth lightly soaked in soapy water or a mild cleansing milk (avoid using scouring products). To maintain or revive the leather of your bag, we recommend the use of a neutral polish made from beeswax.

Caviar grained leather

Caviar-grained leather comes from skins to which a hot plate has been applied to guarantee the impression of a regular grain. This mineral-tanned full grain leather is very resistant and requires no special maintenance. It is easily cleaned with a soft cloth lightly soaked in soapy water. You can also nourish it with a beeswax-based cream, it will keep its silkiness even better.

Bull leather

Bull leather comes from young bulls. It is a full grain leather, which has received a semi aniline mineral tanning. Thick and resistant, supple and silky, with a very natural touch, the bull calf leather we select for our bags has a finely grained appearance, with rich and deep colors. It is easily cleaned with a soft cloth lightly soaked in soapy water. You can also nourish it with a beeswax-based cream, it will keep its suppleness and color even better.

The guarantee and maintenance of your bag at Olivia Clergue

Olivia Clergue bags are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, provided that the care instructions below are followed:

Do not overload your bag

Protect your leather goods from humidity and any heat source (radiator, sun).

Avoid contact with alcohols (perfume, solvent) and fats (make-up).

Store your bag upright in its cover, lined with tissue paper to keep its shape.

Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials.

Avoid shocks to metal parts, as the finish could be damaged, and maintain them with a leather shammy.